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Mold Removal Orleans – Early Detection and Removal of Mold is Essential

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Immediate Action is Imperative

If you have reason to believe there is a mold issue, it is extremely important to act quickly and enlist the services of a certified mold inspector. The best mold removal companies will usually offer a free comprehensive visual inspection taking special care to check all of the areas where mold typically begins growing.
Mold will eventually produce a musty odor that is detectable to most people, but by the time the smell is identified there may have already been an extended exposure to mold spores. An air quality test will be able to compare the quality of air inside a building with the air outside of it to detect elevated levels of spores. It is important that the results of the air test be determined by a third party laboratory in order to ensure the highest degree of certainty for the test results.
Once the presence of mold has been identified the removal of the mold is a thorough process. The use of thermal cameras and other high tech equipment will identify where the growth is located. From there the mold is removed using a variety of machines and processes that completely remove all traces of the contamination. Once the mold is gone restoration efforts will repair the areas that have been disturbedduring mold removal. In most cases the restoration process will be able to bring the contaminated areas all the way back to their original condition.

If you have a mold issue or just want peace of mind that your building is not contaminated, contact a certified mold removal company that services Orleans today.
The Complications of Mold
Untreated mold growths have been shown to cause extensive damage to buildings as well as posing serious health risks to people. Unfortunately mold grows best when it is in a moist and dark area; by the time many people realize they have an issue with mold, the growths are substantial. Mold causes water damage and it can severely weaken the structural components of buildings over time. It is imperative to identify and remove mold as soon as possible in order to prevent the growths from growing and further spreading throughout the area.
Mold poses serious health risks to people and animals when the airborne spores are inhaled. Exposure to mold has been shown to produce:
  • Serious respiratory issues
  • Allergic reactions
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Weakened immune systems

The Growth of Orleans

Orleans is the name of a suburban area in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. The area is named after its considerable francophone population. Orleans has grown steadily as a suburban destination with the building of many new residential and recreational buildings in the area. The steady influx of population and increased business activity has led to a housing boom and additional communities being developed in Orleans.

With the increase in the number of houses and buildings in Orleans, there is also an increase in the number of mold cases in the area. Leaking pipes and other sources of unhandled moisture are the leading causes of mold growth. Mold abatement and removal is essential to keeping all of the structures in Orleans strong and making sure the inhabitants are as safe as possible.


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