Mold Removal in Windsor Requires Speed and Expertise

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Mold removal in Windsor homes should be dealt with before you even see it. That may sound silly, but the fact is that the air in your home may be contaminated if your home has ever suffered extensive water damage. Dealing with that air, or more specifically the mold spores that may be present in it, is an excellent way to stop mold growth before it even starts.
What is Mold Anyway?
The word "mold” is used to refer to literally thousands of different species of fungus that thrive in cool, damp, dark areas. Generally speaking, mold is characterized by a fuzzy-textured, green or white appearance and  usually has a pungent aroma. Molds reproduce by releasing tiny, sometimes invisible, spores into the air to be carried along by the breeze until they find a suitable home. Mold is what turns forgotten oranges fuzzy and in nature it's a key component in the life cycle of an ecosystem. By breaking down organic matter for their own nutrition and energy, molds recycle compounds like starch or cellulose and bring them back into usefulness. In short, they absolutely have their place in this world.
That place, however, should not be in your home. In the wrong conditions, airborne mold spores can settle in damp corners where flooding has occurred or leaky pipes exist, sometimes in a matter of hours. Once mold has started growing, it's very difficult to stop and the resulting clean-up can be time consuming and extremely expensive if not dealt with quickly.
Health Risks
Breathing airborne mold has been associated with a number of health risks. While some people are much more sensitive to mold exposure than others, almost everyone is susceptible to these risks on one level or another.
Symptoms of a reaction to mold can include congestion in the nose and sinuses; eye, skin, and throat irritation; coughing and/or sneezing fits; headaches; and respiratory problems like wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing. There have also been studies linking prolonged mold exposure with an increased risk of asthma, particularly in very young children.
Clean Air Means a Clean House
A competent, experienced and well-equipped mold removal company like Canada's Restoration Services can help you take the first proactive step to keeping mold out of your home. Air quality testing is important; the right equipment can measure the number of mold spores in your home and qualified experts can help you determine what type and level of air filtration you require to help clear the air.
Because mold grows so quickly and is difficult to get rid of once it's present, stopping it before it starts is the best approach to mold removal. Windsor homeowners are well-advised to have their air quality checked in order to stave off potential mold growth in the event of seeping basements or a surprise roof leak.
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