What Should I Do if I Find Mold Mushrooms in My House?

By Canada Restoration Services
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Do you have mushrooms growing in your house?

Why would mushrooms grow in your house?

Is it dangerous?


Mushrooms growing in your home is a lot more common than you think. Most people are quite shocked when they see them and are not sure what to do or why they are there. Mushrooms are a fungi, similar to mold, and need the exact same sources as mold to live:

  • Food – organic material
  • Suitable Living Space
  • Water

Mushrooms are an indication that there is water infiltration somewhere in your home. You will most likely already have mold hidden and the mushroom has made its way visible.

You cannot just pick the mushrooms and expect all to be okay. Like mold, mushrooms have a root, and if you pick the top, it will just grow back (like those darn dandelions).


Common places to find mushrooms growing:

  • In creases and crevices of the home
  • In between floor boards
  • In carpet
  • Around toilets, sinks and bathtubs
  • Under furniture
Mushrooms are not safe to eat and should not be ingested by anyone. 

If you remove the area away around the mushroom, you will find the area saturated with water and most likely black mold. This needs to be removed safely by a certified mold remediation company to ensure no cross contamination throughout the home.


If you notice mushrooms or mold growth in your home, it is best to bring in a company before attempting to do any cleaning. Keep your children away from this area to ensure they do not ingest the growths. A company like ourselves will give you the best course of action on how to remove and the costs associated. Feel free to give us a call and we will come and provide a free inspection and estimate on the cleanup.


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2 years ago
haha, I agree msmanek....those mushrooms definitely shouldn't be eaten, I would say they offer a decorative touch but I would be lying
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10 months ago
Yes! Do not eat!!
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2 years ago
Woah! These are not the mushrooms you would want on your pizza!
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