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Will the city of Toronto pay for my water damage repairs? 


By Canada Restoration Services
Hi there,
That is a great question! The source of the water damage will decide if the city will pay for the damages or not.
Every individual case is different, and will involve further investigation to know 100%. Here are some scenario's where the city may cover the damages:
1. If the water damage was caused from tree roots damaging the water lines, then this may be covered. If the tree is on the city's property then it may be covered, but if the tree is on your property, then it will be your responsibility.
2. If the city drain is flooded and a backup occurs in your property than it may be covered as well. If more than one house on the street is affected, then there is a greater chance it will be covered.
Occasionally the city offers rebates for certain home renovations and currently, as of August 2015, they are offering rebates for installing flood protection devices. This includes:
1. a sump pump
2. a backup valve
3. and foundation drain, and pipe severance and capping
* See the below link for more information:
Your best bet to start is to either contact the city or contact a specialist, such as ourselves, to come out and further investigate the water damage. From there we can decide what the best course of action is to take!
Thank you and have a wonderful day!
Alex G.
Operations Manager
Canada's Restoration Services
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2 years ago
What is a "foundation drain, and pipe severance and capping"?
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2 years ago
Referring to an expert is always a good idea.... Great tips on water damage repair in Toronto!
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How much would I have to pay out of my pocket then? Is water damage repair expensive?
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2 years ago
This is very helpful info., Thanks!
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