Sump Pump Failure Leading to Water Damage in Toronto

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One of the services that Canada's Restoration Services provides is emergency water damage assistance. No matter the size, we can be on site within 45 minutes to get things dried up as quickly as possible. We were recently called out to a residence in Toronto, who had a flood in their basement due to a sump pump failure - leading to water damage. This can unfortunately happen with heavy rainfalls, and your sump pump cannot keep up with the amount of water. During heavy rainfalls, make sure you are keeping an eye on your sump pump to avoid any major flooding. Here is a breakdown of what our emergency water damage services entails:
1. Removal of all contents in the affected area
2. Clean up all debris
3. Set up our dry-out equipment (dehumidifiers and fans)
4. Removal of all affected building materials (carpet, flooring, drywall)
5. Final clean up and disinfect all affected areas 
6. Daily site inspection to monitor dry-out process 
You can see photo's attached of how much damage can be done due to sump pump failure in your home.
Our highly trained and certified staff are here to help along the way. We have 24/7 Customer Representatives and can help at any time of the day. If you are experience a sump pump failure or any other form of water damage and need assistance, don't wait, call Canada's #1 Restoration Company, 1-888-551-0514
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Emergency Service Needed?
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2 years ago
Are there redundancies that you can install besides sump pumps to help avoid such a situation?
Reply by Canada Restoration Services
2 years ago
Great Question!
You should ensure that you have a back up battery hooked up to your sump pump just in case, or you can use a generator.
If the sump pumps burns out, then unfortunately you may be left to use buckets (which I personally have had to do).
Always make sure that a back up valve is installed so no water can come back up the drain!
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2 years ago
Wow, it is scary how much damage something simple like a sump pump can do :(
However, I am glad that everything can eventually work out!
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2 years ago
Wow, that is an informative answer!
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2 years ago
Thank you so much, Alissa!
Those are some awesome suggestions!
Canada Restoration Services
2 years ago
Hello @cjp and @msmanek;
Great questions!
While you are waiting for an emergency team to arrive, go through whatever contents you can and set aside. If they are wet, use a towel to dry them. Our teams will assist with this as well, but it is a good place to start. We use extracting equipment when there is sitting water, but you can start emptying buckets to help in the meantime. If carpet is affected, you can pull back and take out the underpad. The underpad is where the water gets trapped so it is important to get out to prevent mold growth from starting.
To prevent water damage from happening, especially in Toronto's weather, ensure that you keep an eye on the weather. If you know a storm is coming, you can do the following:
1. Make sure all windows are shut - if you have older windows, the could possible leak, so if you can install up to code windows, this will help.
2. Make sure your gutters and eaves are not blocked and and they have proper drainage away from your home.
3. If the roof is in poor condition, have a roofer come in and inspect. Toronto can get heavy wind storms which may cause shingles to blow off the roof and cause roof leaks.
4. If you have a sump pump, keep an eye on it and make sure it is keeping up with the water. Sump pumps can get overworked and in worse cause, the motor can stop.
5. If you know you have cracks in your foundation, get them fixed. Water seepage is very common and is not covered by your insurance.
Main thing is being aware of the possibility and watch for any signs of water intrusion. The faster you can take care of the water damage, the possibility of mold growth will be much less.

Canada's Restoration Services
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2 years ago
To further @cjp's question:
Is there anything I can do before a flood in my home to prevent water damage in Toronto's weather (especially during our heavy summer thunder showers)?
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2 years ago
Is there anything that I can do after a flood, before emergency water damage services arrives?
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