Is It Safe to Clean Up rodent urine and feces?

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Is It Safe to Clean Up rodent urine and feces?

We arrived at our summer home to find that mice had been living in the attic and walls during the winter. There is a large amount of urine and feces. From what I have read it is not something we should clean ourselves due to the health risk factors, as it could be unsafe. Do you provide a service that could clean this up?


By Canada Restoration Services
Hello Mr. Horvath,
You are correct in thinking this is a health risk for you.
The disease that is found in the urine and feces of rodents is called Hantavirus; it is a life-threatening disease spread to humans by rodents. It has similar effects to influenza, any one with lowered in immune system is at a larger risk. The virus is found in their urine and feces.
We provide environmental clean-ups for any situation dealing with animal urine or feces. We will contain the area affected and set up equipment to start purifying the air. We will remove of any material that has been disturbed and clean the entire area with an microbial wash. We will continue to leave the equipment running for 24-48 hours after to perform multiple air exchanges. We will do a final fogging of the area to kill any remaining spores in the air.
Feel free to give us a call Mr. Horvath and we can arrange for a visit to look at the property and provide a free estimate for you.
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2 years ago
Thanks for the info! Like Maria I had no idea such a virus existed in rodent urine and feces. I've never had an issue with rodents in my home but one of my friends once had a massive infestation. I know they cleaned up the rodent urine and feces themselves, did they know whether or not it was safe? I dont know but if they have any issues in the future I'll mention your services for sure!
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2 years ago
Gross! I had no idea that rodent urine and feces carried that kind of disease! I always just assumed that I should only be concerned about rabies.I had a similar mice issue in one of my rental apartments and was dreading the clean up of feces and urine, at least I know where i can go for help now.
Reply by Canada Restoration Services
2 years ago
Yes, you must be very careful and wear protective gear. That is why all our technicians where full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that includes suits, gloves, masks, filters and booties.
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