Does All Vermiculite Have Asbestos?

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Does All Vermiculite Have Asbestos?

Hi, I'm a bit confused about vermiculite, does all vermiculite have asbestos?


By Canada Restoration Services
Good Afternoon Donna,
No, just because you have vermiculite does not mean that it contains asbestos. Many people are confused by this and assume that vermiculite is asbestos. 
Vermiculite is a type of insulation that was used up until about the 1980's. It was so favourable because of its insulation characteristics and affordability.
What was not known for many years was that some of the mines that vermiculite was taken from contained asbestos in them. The most common brand that had asbestos in the vermiculite was "Zonolite" and was from a mine in Libby, Montana.
Unfortunately, there is no way​ of knowing if vermiculite has asbestos other than having it tested. It is important that when samples are taken that they are taken from several different area's within the attic. This ensures that some bags used could have or could have not contained asbestos.
If the vermiculite is negative for asbestos, then it is fine to remain. It is a very good source of insulation!
p.s - I have posted a photo of what vermiculite looks like for all of those who are wondering!
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2 years ago
What do I do if the vermiculite tested positive for asbestos? What do I do next and what is the process for vermiculite asbestos removal?
Canada Restoration Services
2 years ago
Yes, there is a lot of confusion over vermiculite and asbestos. Many people think that vermiculite is asbestos but in fact it is not. Vermiculite may contain asbestos but the only way to know 100% is to have it tested.
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2 years ago
Good question, I was wondering the same thing! Had to get asbestos removal services in Toronto for my old home.
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