Do I Need Mold Removal Services?

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Do I Need Mold Removal Services?

I live in Toronto, and have recently found some mold in my home. Is there a possible way for me to remove it myself, or do I need mold removal services?

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By Canada Restoration Services
Hello Jess,
Thank you for the inquiry. In some cases, mold can be cleaned by yourself, but based on the photo you provided, it needs to be looked at by a professional.
  1. The area of size of the mold growth is greater than 1 sq ft, so if it is not contained and disposed of properly, it could result in cross contamination.
  2. The colour of the mold is very black which indicates a more toxic mold, which I strongly suggest do not attempting to remove yourself.
  3. As well, the mold seems to be imbedded into the wall rather than being fuzzy and growing on the outside. This means that the drywall needs to be removed, and removed safely.
We are happy to come take a further look and provide a free estimate on the mold removal for you.
Great job in consulting a professional before tackling yourself. As mentioned, sometimes mold can be removed by yourself but in cases like this, it must be done by a professional.
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2 years ago
I always do all the work around the house, but when it comes to something like mold I would definitely call a professional in for help. Mold removal is something best left in the hands of people who know what they're doing, i really don'y want to risk do a poor clean up and end up getting sick from it.
Reply by Canada Restoration Services
10 months ago
Agreed! Calling in a professional is definitely the way to go!
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2 years ago
Mold removal services are definitely 100% worth the money. You want the best when it comes to your home and your health!
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2 years ago
Very interesting! It seems like a very thorough process that ensures that the mold is 100% removed and that everything is safe!
Canada Restoration Services
2 years ago
Great questions and comments @Nola and @Spring!
For remediation of this size, you would be looking about 1 day for the removal and an additional 24 - 48 hours with containment in place and equipment running. We would set up containments around the affected area and set up negative air and air scrubbers. We would then remove all the affected area's and clean with an anti-microbial. Once that is done a final hepa vacuum is performed. Now depending on the extent of the mold, it could be in behind the wall even further. As per mold removal guidelines, you have to remove 1 foot above any existing mold. Once all the removals are complete, we can then send in our construction team to rebuild everything and get it back to it's orginal state (or reface if you would like!).
See our construction page below for a list of all our construction services:
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2 years ago
And, what exactly is the role of mold removal services? Will they also take care of restoring any damage to the walls?
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2 years ago
How long would mold removal on something like that take? It is definitely greater than 1' sq!
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2 years ago
I do hope that you are doing well, Jess and that you figured out the mold issue!
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