Attic Mold Issues in New Home

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Attic Mold Issues in New Home

We recently purchased a home and during the home assessment the inspector found mold in the attic. They said that the bathroom vents were not vented properly. Is this something your company can help us with? If so, how much would it cost and can you do all the work yourselves or do we have to deal with several different companies?


By Canada Restoration Services
Hi Sheila,
First off, congratulations on the purchase of your new home!
Bathroom exhausts which are poorly vented into the attic are quite common among older homes. As far as fixing the poor ventilation, an insulation company or roofer will need to be called in, however, we are your attic mold removal specialists! Often times an insulation company will need to come in as well to address any other ventilation issues and check out the insulation. If over 30% of the attic is affected with mold than it is recommended to remove and replace the insulation as well. We work with the best insulation companies across the country and offer up to 25 year warranties on our services combined.
The cost differs from job to job and the starting range is $1500, it can go up from there depending on the amount of mold found, the square footage of the attic, fixing the source of the mold and ​whether or not the insulation needs to be removed ​or replaced. It is best to have us come in for a free mold inspection of the attic and provide you with a firm estimate on the remediation. 
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2 years ago
Attic mold issues are never fun, especially in a new home! I hope everything works out.
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2 years ago that's what that stuff on my attic ceiling is, mold! :( Yeah, that's not pleasant at all I'm definitely going to need to start inquiring about a consultation.
Reply by Canada Restoration Services
2 years ago

Unfortunately there is a good chance it is. Give us a call and we will come out and inspect further for you. We provide free inspections on visible mold.
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