Apartment mold removal

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Apartment mold removal
Hi there,
I live in a Toronto apartment, and have recently discovered mold in my unit. My landlord does not want to help with the mold removal process. I am looking for help to aid with the mold, can you offer any help with what my first steps should be?
Look forward to hearing from you,
Mary A


By Canada Restoration Services
Hi Mary,
This is a very common question and you have come to the right place! Unfortunately, this is a very common situation and it is important to get all the proof to take to your landlord to start the mold removal process.
The best thing to do is have an environmentalist come in and do testing, either IAQ - indoor air quality testing (if the mold is not visible) or a mold swab (if mold is visible). They will provide you with a report that will give you proof to show your landlord.
It is a good idea to identify what the source of the mold is to ensure that it is there responsibility. I have put a link below of an article our company did on all the proper steps when dealing with mold in your apartment. I believe you will find this very helpful!
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2 years ago
Very interesting article, apartment mold removal shouldn't be something that a tenant should have to deal with on their own.
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2 years ago
Thank you for the informative response!
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2 years ago
Wow! That shows great integrity on your part, CRS. A third party is best in this case to ensure an impartial, unbiased opinion!
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2 years ago
As a landlord, I would like to know if there is a way to ensure that my tenants are taken care of, with respect to mold in their apartments. What can I do to accomplish this?
Reply by Canada Restoration Services
2 years ago
Hi Mark! This is wonderful and you are doing the right thing! What you can have done is bring in an environmentalist who can perform air quality tests. The will look for signs of mold as well as take air samples to see if there is any issues. As a mold remediation company, it is a conflict of interest for us to test and do the work, but we know the best of the best environmentalist across Canada and can get you in contact. If you have visible mold than we would be happy to come meet with you and take a look at the affected areas!
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2 years ago
I completely was not aware of the legal requirements of tenants and landlords. Very informative link!
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