Possible Risk of Asbestos in Toronto Home

Possible Risk of Asbestos in Toronto Home

By Patrick G.Q & A5 comments
We are doing a complete renovation of our home. Our contractor thinks there is asbestos on the vent wraps, pipes and old boiler. He told us we needed to get a DSR. What is that and what does it entail? ...AnswerHi Patrick!   Awesome Question!   A DSR or commonly known in the construction industry as a "DSS" (Designation Substance Survey) is very important to have when undergoing a construction project. ...
Unwanted Water in the Basement in GTA Homes

Unwanted Water in the Basement in GTA Homes

By StanleyQ & A4 comments
We have had some water damage in our home. Does insurance cover water that comes in through the foundation and window wells?AnswerHi Stanley,   I wish I had better news for you but insurance does not cover seepage. You can call your broker to know 100% but any time water comes in through the foundation or windows, it will not ...
Testing Plaster for Asbestos

Testing Plaster for Asbestos

By RoseQ & A7 comments
We have some plaster on the walls of our home. We are concerned that it has asbestos. Can you test it for us?AnswerHi Rose,   We actually do not do the asbestos testing ourselves. It has become a conflict of interest for a company to test and do the asbestos abatement hence why we do not do the testing. It goes ...
Does All Vermiculite Have Asbestos

Does All Vermiculite Have Asbestos?

By DonnaQ & A4 comments
Hi, I'm a bit confused about vermiculite, does all vermiculite have asbestos?AnswerGood Afternoon Donna,   No, just because you have vermiculite does not mean that it contains asbestos. Many people are confused by this and assume that vermiculite is asbestos.  Vermiculite is ...
Attic Mold Issues in New Home

Attic Mold Issues in New Home

By Sheila L.Q & A3 comments
We recently purchased a home and during the home assessment the inspector found mold in the attic. They said that the bathroom vents were not vented properly. Is this something your company can help us ...AnswerHi Sheila,   Sheila First off, congratulations on the purchase of your new home!   Bathroom exhausts which are poorly vented into the attic are quite common among older homes. As far as ...
Is It Safe to Clean Up rodent urine and feces

Is It Safe to Clean Up rodent urine and feces?

By Mr. HorvathQ & A3 comments
We arrived at our summer home to find that mice had been living in the attic and walls during the winter. There is a large amount of urine and feces. From what I have read it is not something we should ...Answer Hello Mr. Horvath,   You are correct in thinking this is a health risk for you. The disease that is found in the urine and feces of rodents is called Hantavirus; it is a life-threatening disease ...
How Do I Know if I Have Mold

How Do I Know if I Have Mold?

By CarlQ & A3 comments
How do I know if I have mold, if I can’t see it?AnswerHi Carl!    Great question.    The only way to know if there is mold and it is not visible is by getting an air quality test done. An air quality test or IAQ is a test where air samples ...
How Would You Remove Asbestos Tape From Duct Work

How Would You Remove Asbestos Tape From Duct Work?

By the proQ & A5 comments
I have asbestos pipe wrap in my home, and I am looking to getting it removed. What exactly is needed to remove it? Thanks!Answer Hi there,   Great question. Pipe wrap around duct work is very common and is being found more and more often as people start renovating their older homes. Homes built between the 1930's to 1970's ...
Apartment mold removal

Apartment mold removal

By maryaQ & A6 comments
Hi there,   I live in a Toronto apartment, and have recently discovered mold in my unit. My landlord does not want to help with the mold removal process. I am looking for help to aid with the mold, ...Answer Hi Mary,   This is a very common question and you have come to the right place! Unfortunately, this is a very common situation and it is important to get all the proof to take to your landlord to ...
Do I Need Mold Removal Services

Do I Need Mold Removal Services?

Hi, I live in Toronto, and have recently found some mold in my home. Is there a possible way for me to remove it myself, or do I need mold removal services? Thank you, JessAnswer Hello Jess,   Thank you for the inquiry. In some cases, mold can be cleaned by yourself, but based on the photo you provided, it needs to be looked at by a professional. The area of size of ...
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